Counselling: Counselling and guidance is one of the core services offered at the MRC. The counselling is free-of-charge and strictly confidential. We follow a tailor-made approach while giving counselling, just appropriate to the clients' needs. As a result, our counselling types vary, such as: legal, career, psychological and social counselling.

Awareness Raising and Outreach Sessions: 

MRC team arrange orientation sessions for prospective migrants, professionals, students to introduce people to the different cycles of migration, safe and regular ways to migrate abroad and aware people on the danger and bad consequences that are involved in irregular migration. 

Post Arrival Orientation Sessions for the Foreign Workers Newly Arrived at Iraq (PAOS):

 Post-arrival assistance to foreign workers coming to Iraq, providing them with information on their right and obligations in the country. In addition to guiding them about how to contact MoLSA- MRC in case that any of their rights are violated.

Reintegration Assistance

One of the specialized services of the MRC is reintegration assistance. The Reintegration Information Desk (MRC-RID) in MRC functions as the central point of contact for returnees, who wish to obtain information on reintegration services. 

MRC Returnees’ Reintegration Services:

  • Providing business innovation courses in cooperation with the Business Incubation Department at MOLSA.
  • Providing psychosocial support sessions to returnees.
  • Providing capacity-building sessions on CV development and prep for job interview.

Reintegration Assistance “Loans for returnees”

 Referral: MRC acts as referral platform or structure for other needs and services needed by     migrants and their families such as:

  • Access to government programs and services
  • Compliance with requirements for migrants during on-site or return and reintegration cycles.