Migrant Resource Centre is a physical structure with multiple roles and functions, which is located within the premises of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MOLSA) in Baghdad, Iraq.

The main focus of the MRC is to provide information about employment opportunities and processes abroad, education opportunities for Iraqis abroad, socio-cultural norms and labour laws of destination countries, national skills development and vocational training programmes, etc.

The MRC specifically works to increase awareness of potential and outgoing migrants on the dangers and consequences of irregular migration, pathways for legal migration, rights and duties in destination countries, as well as on safe and successful return to Iraq and the role of Iraqi institutions in the migration process – to name the key areas of counselling. In line with its mandate, the MRC in Baghdad offers migration counselling and awareness raising to potential, outgoing, and returning migrants, as well as persons on the move.

Furthermore, the MRC supports incoming foreign labourers with information on local procedures and protection mechanisms.