Tiba Khaleel
MRC- ICMPD Coordinator

Tiba holds a BA in English language from the University of Baghdad, Iraq. She has over 10 years of work experience in international relations, trainings management, event facilitation of the events, reporting and interpretation. At MRC, Tiba works as Coordinator where she supports the management of the MRC, ensuring effective communication, information and service delivery. Also contributing to the organisation of events and activities organised by the MRC. she works closely with the MRC counsellors, project teams and relevant local counterparts ensuring the effective and timely delivery of MRC activities and services.

Atyaf Mezhir
MRC Counsellor

Atyaf holds BA in industrial engineering from the University of Technology, Baghdad-Iraq. She is a monitoring and evaluation professional, natural leader with an interest in project development. At MRC, Atyaf works as a Counsellor where she provides counselling to the clients about migration topics, maintains a concrete database for MRC services and is involved in MRC reporting. She also takes lead in conducting capacity building sessions for MRC team around relevant topics. In the past, Atyaf has worked with the Danish Refugee Council and has experience in working in remote/ community areas too.

Noor Alaswad
MRC Counsellor

Noor Holds BA degree in Biology from University of Baghdad. She has experience of working with NGOs for more than 7 years in the field on migration and refugee assistance within and outside Iraq. Her role at MRC is to provide consultations to people who are interested in migration, returnees in addition to educate foreign workers newly arrived at Iraq about their rights and obligations in line with the Iraqi labour law.

Maryam Hameed
MRC Counsellor

Maryam is a talented engineer with master's degree, and more than 15 years of experience in the humanitarian field. She has led multiple cross-functional teams, managed large projects, and worked effectively in both independent and collaborative settings. Maryam has a strong foundation in humanitarian work principles and has led humanitarian initiatives across diverse contexts. She has held leadership positions at multiple international organisations, and she is known for forging strategic partnerships with local communities, governments, and international organizations to drive sustainable change. Maryam is a counsellor at MRC, where she provides counselling and awareness sessions on migration relevant topics and also supports returnees in their reintegration program.   

Naba’a Sadik
MRC Counsellor

Naba’a holds a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering from the University of Technology in Baghdad, Iraq. With more than seven years of professional experience, she is specialized in education, lecturing at the colleges, demonstrating, facilitating, administering, and organizing events, as well as reporting. At MRC, Naba’a is a Counsellor, offering individual consultations on migration. She actively participates and coordinates awareness sessions regarding regular migration options and the risks associated with irregular migration. Naba’ tries to identify new horizons of cooperation with NGO’s through participating MRC team in mutual sessions with the NGOs to raise the awareness people about regular migration and irregular migration risks besides services.

Mohamed Rajab
MRC- MoLSA Coordinator

Mohamed holds a BA in Mechanical Engineering from the Middle-Technical University, Baghdad. He has 10 years’ experience in vocational training and training of trainers, relations & media and policy aware for foreign manpower recruitment companies.

Experience in facilitating awareness sessions and counselling for youth about regular migration and risks of irregular migration, and also delivering Post Arrival Orientation Session (PAOS) for foreign workers newly arrived to work in Iraq.

Lina Dawood
MRC-MoLSA Counsellor

Lina holds a Bachelor degree in physics, University of Baghdad, she has an experience in public relations, coordination with international organizations, and working as a representative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. She has worked in the Statistics Section, Arabs and Foreigners Division. Lina is a Counsellor at MRC, provides counselling to MRC clients and organizing awareness sessions on legal migration pathways and irregular migration risks.

Mr. Ali Ghazi Abd Negm
MRC-MoLSA Counsellor

Ali Ghazi Abd Negm, a graduate from the University of Baghdad, is a member of the Iraqi Fine Artists Syndicate and Association, a lecturer and professor of philosophy and a writer for aesthetic philosophical criticism. He has held over 16 personal exhibitions of plastic art and received awards for creativity. Delivering awareness sessions on regular migration, irregular migration risks.

Suha Rashid Aliwi
MRC-MoLSA Counsellor

Suha holds a bachelor’s degree in political science - University of Baghdad-Iraq and master’s degree in international relations and foreign policy - Al-Mustansiriya University-Iraq. She has experience in the field of administration, coordination with stakeholders, auditing and data entry, she works now as a counsellor at the Migrant Resource Centre / Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, delivering awareness sessions on regular migration, irregular migration risks, supporting returnees from the countries of diaspora and providing consultations through the MRC social media platforms.

Hamsa Abdel Sattar Nouri
MRC-MoLSA Counselor

Hamsa is a Senior Legal Consultant in the Department of Labor and Vocational Training at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Hamsa has experience in applying international labor standards, granting licenses to employment offices, and serving as a committee member for various projects, including labour law amendments, foreign worker recruitment and employment instructions, and private employment office establishment. She is a Counsellor at the MRC, provides legal counselling, returnees reintegration services and works on social media content.

Marwa Dawood
MRC-MoLSA Counsellor

Marwa graduated with a bachelor's degree from Al-Mustansiriya University in Iraq's College of Education—Sciences Department. She has worked in data entry, auditing, electronic archiving, and human resources. She conducts workshops to increase community awareness of the risks of irregular immigration, assists returnees from diaspora nations, and support MRC’s social media team.